Posted by: jamesotis | March 29, 2008

Once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times…

  My recent return to work as a lifeguard has reawakened my rescue radar. Strangely linked to my selecting a handkercheif each morning b4 work. If I have a rescue scheduled, I have the urge to get two of said & go commando (wet underwear is horrible).

  Strange/morbid? Yes. And it’s been 4/5 since the last week in January. Even more interesting is that the same staff have been involved each time: Myself, my manager Jo and the front desk manager, Jay.  The score to date: 1 chest pain, 1 diabetic with a host of other problems and a mom who fell, dropped her toddler and blew out both of her knees, plus 2 stupid-parent-induced rescues @ the slide & all survived (no word on mamma & baby).  And when I passed out while talking to Jo (heat exhaustion).

  Did I mention that this seldom happens in front of other staff? Why me/us? 


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