Posted by: jamesotis | April 1, 2008

Nandreeson Memorial

Ah, summer!… That wonderful season full of adventure and fun. Fishing, hiking, camping, long afternoons by the lake.. what’s that? Yes, and swimming at the outdoor pool.

After work today I got to sit down and shoot the breeze with my supervisor, Bob. A chance to catch up on 4 years of parks & rec gossip, who’s who and what’s what, as well as the plans for our new outdoor aquatics facility. The general idea was good: replace a ’70s vintage money trap with a shiny new facility. Then I saw the schematic, and noted that our staffing will more than quadruple. My first impression was that the designer’s had never involved seasoned management in the planning process. Turns out I was wrong, they simply ignored over a decade of experience. It is a child’s paradise, and a lifeguard’s hell.

I’m sure that it will be a fine facility once all the standard growing pains, hiccoughs and neuitis wear off (maybe by the end of August 2009). After all, Camp Hex did (another local fun spot, not to be confused with the annual Wiccan fest in the mountains near South Park), and so did the emergency room I helped open.

So here’s to a safe summer, and to Nandreeson Memorial Swimming Pool.

(for a brief history of Nandreeson himself, and an idea of why I chose this moniker, visit , or read Star Wars: The New Rebellion, a novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

P.S. I am searching for good images, and preferably a model (action figure, stuffed animal etc.) of Nandreeson or any other Gottalphib (a.k.a. Glotalphib etc.). If you come across one, or have read the book and are a talented artist, please pass it my way. We need a mascot.



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