Posted by: jamesotis | April 7, 2008

We are the infirm

  Spent the day (0700-1500, aka 7a-3pm) @ the local ER. No, not a patient for a pleasant change. Doing my clinicals for EMT class.

  Thankfully, Chief White Cloud appears to have gone on to the happy hunting ground. When I first certified back in 2001 I booked my clinicals @ the busiest ERs and ambulance stations. The staff universally thanked me, saying that they hadn’t had such a restful day in a very long time, and when was I coming back? Today was nonstop ambulances from 0700 – 1330 and a full ER, giving me a diverse series of care reports to write, including a COR Zero from a bad subdural hematoma (1/4 of the patient’s brain full of blood). Not to mention 3 trauma team activations in 15 minutes, plus a stroke alert – all after my shift ended. But I’m not bitter… Not as much as the grapes concerned anyhow. Only 1 of the 3 unrestrained drivers was a “good” trauma.

  Yes, it was good to be in my old work environment again, almost like coming home. As a cleaner remarked @ lunch, “I love coming down here! You get to meet so many weirdos.” I can joke that it’s nearly what arrived by ambulance when a staffer comments that the air smells like mashed potatoes and gravy, and no one gets upset. Indeed their humor goes farther to the dark side.

  So Hail to the psych patients employed in the ER, may your humor never run dry.


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