Posted by: jamesotis | April 11, 2008

Pool Manager Sarcasm

I’m not a pool mgr, but the abbreviation isn’t as apt for lifeguards & head guards.

I spent my entire day in a echoey room that was dimly lit by aging florescent lights while my supervisor from ages past (we’ll call him Max Factor) went off on ego trips and sexist sidetracks (women can’t grasp pool chemical calculations etc.). By the end my butt was numb, my female coworkers ready to kill him via methods abandoned in the industrial age and my excessively sarcastic personna threatening to burst through. Did I mention that I’m spending another 1.5 days there and $300 USD? All to increase my chances of promotion and/or hours this summer.

My opinions are as follows:

  1. No one apart from department heads need this stuff.
  2. The rest of us need a small booklet tailored to our pool and breifly explaining our viable alternative options should our equipment fail or a salesman come to visit
  3. Nandreeson  keeps too many watumba bats (O.K., all pools do, see point 5)
  4. Mr. Factor gets many points for mechanical charisma and blind self esteem and infinitely more taken away for his attitudes toward women (most of the class) and to a lesser degree other dissenting persons
  5. Although egotistical, Factor is correct in this: The State Dept. of Health is grossly out of touch with pool sanitation, or so it appears to this simplistic newbie. In the defense of said office, there isn’t much that effectively kills microbes without at least unpleasant or harmful effects to humans and the environment.
  • So, get over your panic about poop in the pool. As long as it’s not dissolved you’re fine, there’s as much exposure from a brown trout as from the average swimmer’s butt anyway. The chemicals do things like kill you, damage your reproductive cells and harm your environment. Or potentially poison or blow up the immediate vicinity. (lovely, I work in a potential firebomb- and this is an upgrade from getting chlorine gas leaks)

In the end? I’ll work here until I have a secure job that pays several dollars better elsewhere. I’m devoted to my boss, but my asthma isn’t worth it for this pay, nor for the crash scheduling, relatively low pay and unthinking colleagues. Fire/Medic & alternative health research here I come, and clear the doorway. This time I mean it- never again a pool.


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