Posted by: jamesotis | April 24, 2008

Which way is the Psych Ward please?

  Just went to visit my mentor/supervisor/friend Bob in the hospital. Arrived to find the neurologist (neurons are the more intelligent cousins of morons) doing an assessment and was asked to stay since I witnessed Bob’s seizure. As the exam became increasingly personal I left the room and neglected to ask how long the assessment would take. And left my backpack, jacket etc in the room.

  I should never hang around the halls of hospitals. To paraphrase Stranger Than Fiction, I am the infirm. As I waited patiently (no pun intended) in the hall I was serenaded by the patient next door having his airway suctioned. An orderly approached the nurse’s station to transport said heavy breather elsewhere. Without looking up, his nurse asked, “Havn’t they taken him yet?” My mind immediately went to the macabe and I stifled a grin. Death had aparently doffed his cloak and sickle for a set of scrubs and an I.V. pole.

  I eventually had to leave, so I asked a nurse to get my gear and drop off the book I’d brought 4 Bob. I can only describe the author as kin to the Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser. The resultant humor is dark, rich and utterly tasteless. On the way out I passed by the recently remodeled Emergency Room waiting area, complete with rows of convenient waiting, concessions areas and a newsstand (Just how long *is* the wait?). This forced a double take. The set up is nearly identical to a small air port, complete with Baggage Claim down the hall.

The question is, departures or arrivals?



  1. Either I’m running on very little sleep and I’m punchy or you are friggin’ hilarious. Both I suspect.

    Moron than off.

    The Grim Orderly.

    Most people I know would rather not claim their baggage.

    OH! this made me think of Happy Vertical Peope Movers. Go check this out this video.

  2. Thanks!
    Mood elevators

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