Posted by: jamesotis | May 8, 2008


  Last night I interviewed for head lifeguard and was promoted. Wearing, I might add, a speedo and towel.

Not what it sounds like. My supervisor Bob, now impatiently housebound by illness, asked me to apply some months ago. Not asking, telling me that I’m wanted as H.G. Due to Bob’s indisposition the interview formalities were delayed until one of the overworked & beleaguered managers could perform the ceremony. Since the official paperwork mysteriously disappeared, Bob told my manager Apollos to hire me. Fortuitous, but scary.

  Here’s hoping that my materials management interview goes so swimmingly. Minus the speedo and towel of course.

 …ah, er… in business attire.



  1. That was some mental imagery I could have been just as well without.

  2. I warned you didn’t I? 🙂

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