Posted by: jamesotis | May 16, 2008

Random TMI

  I think I finally understand E=MCsq… this comes from staring @ the waves in the swimming pool too long. More on that later…

  My workplace seems to attract deconversionists from various christian sects. A support group maybe?

  I have discovered the best mind/body combination for getting a suped up version of a runner’s high.. Water aerobics and tantric sexual breathing/muscle relaxation techniques. No, not sex in the pool, just the breathing & relaxation components while doing an all out workout. I could barely walk afterwards. The only similar events in my experience are preanesthesia and extreme hypoglycemia. I’m hooked, heading back for more next week.

And interviewing for a new job in the a.m. This just after giving up on making head lifeguard and subsequently being promoted. Maybe that’ll work for dating…

Eccentric as always…




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