Posted by: jamesotis | May 30, 2008


  When I drafted this page mentally I was rather depressed. I awoke rather clostrophobic. Perhaps not the correct term, but I’ll stick with it. I’m tired of living in an apartment, being awakened by inept 7-Eleven drivers @ 0’Dark Thirty and etc etc. I had an hour break @ work today (a rarity) so I walked out to the irrigation/drainage creek behind the Rec Ctr. While pleasant, it served mainly as my Slightly Openable Window and managed to increase my depression, or at least bring it closer to the surface.

  Not suprisingly I was counting the time until my shift’s end in hundredths of an hour. About 15 minutes to go Murphy came for a visit. Not Death, thankfully & supprisingly. A 6 year old boy did a front flip in the shallow end and hit his head on the edge of the pool. Interestingly, this is the same scenario for my only previous aquatic backboarding to a T, minus the blood. Not-so-perfect stranger picks the kid up, sets him standing on the deck and leaves. I get to back board a screaming child on land, and standing between pool exit ladder rails I might add. Kid gets a nasty bump on his head as a trophy, a ride in an ambulance as a consequence and I lose my depression.

  I think it was just the adrenaline, but I’m definitely cheerier. My internal soundtrack switched from Civilization to a snappy jazz number. I’m still debating whether it’s a healthy reaction or no, but time & my therapist will tell. Best wishes 2 Jo and his family.


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