Posted by: jamesotis | June 21, 2008

Social Terrorism

  I quote Sarah Nardi from her article “America’s Slippery Slope” in this month’s issue of ADBUSTERS: “…the plight of American culture today… We recognize the debasement of standards, we see the signs of intellectual decay. Yet we do nothing. And our inaction is our complicity. Each time we shrug helplessly in the face of diminished expectation, we are greasing the slope of an already rapid collective decline.”

  I must respectfully disagree. Long have I held that I will care for what I care about. Or as I learned from my parents, if you love someone you correct them as needed and if you care about something you keep it in good repair.

  I used to be passionate about politics. Until Political Science 111. Then it made sense that what was designed for a federation of thirteen seaboard colonies was inadequate for the monolithic beast of the Lincoln era let alone today. Nor do we even have the remotest integrity in design: by our money a federation, by pledge a republic and by profession a democracy. We are at best a  chimaera of governments, each being fighting for dominance of the whole but unable to survive alone.

  I’ve given up and yet, my inaction is not complicity. Just as when I wish to wreak vengeance on a corporation I simply speak the ugly truth to attack them @ the bottom line through exponential dissatisfaction, so I let the child taste the poison. Indeed, I encourage it, hoping for the revulsion that prevents a repeat occurrance. For I cannot effect the change necessary to make this country survive, nor would it willingly go back to the drawing board to rewrite and reorganize save in the event of collapse and anarchy.

  So, though I wish for a quiet restructuring I prepare for the mad upheaval. No, I’m not complacent – I’m hopeful. Let the addict thrash unto collapse. Let the prodigal become destitute & beg for aid, let the whore make suicidally desperate gestures. For I cannot help unless such help is wanted.

 Thanks Loir for being nosey & paying attention: just remember, you inspired this. Not all my thoughts unaware are love poems.


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