Posted by: jamesotis | July 28, 2008

Point and counterpoint

Logically if one agrees to work under certain conditions one isn’t bound to abide by them. Therefore, one may attempt to crucify any heretic who dare attempt to insinuate that one’s personal freedom is not abridged by the enforcement of said agreements and regulations. Further, if anyone should attempt to imply that the resulting environment is offensive and insulting their reputation must be smeared by baseless accusations prior to their execution and doubly so should it fail.

-From the Bylaws for Emotional Jurisprudence and Order of the Kingdom of Id


To the Inhabitants of the Kingdom of Id; a letter of complaint and demand

     Greetings and salutations!

  It has come to our notice that you resent our presence in your universe. Not that you think that we are bad per se, but simply undesirable and our actions to be atrocious annoyances. Point noted. We fully support both your rights to freedom of belief and speech and acknowledge your individual point of view and needs.

  Our position is simple: We request your kind reciprocation. Your most recent accusations state that we are unfeeling creatures who blindly follow strict procedure without regard for the well-beingof our fellow Inhabitants. We propose that the obverse is also true. We find your blatantly disregard for our mutual agreement to regulation for the sake of order to be insulting. We value commitment to the common good not simply for our own gratification and furtherance but your own as well. If through disregard of decent behaviour and good sense you wish to degrade your own existence you are at liberty to do so. We resent, however, your infringement on our quality of life and environment.

  Please feel free to live your lives as you wish, but in doing so kindly remember to honor the existence of dissenting views just as you have demanded of others and behave neutrally while on community property. Though we view your lack of maintenance to a pleasant, functional and healthy community environment as a minor nuisance we are willing to work all the harder to maintain our interests therein. However, active destruction of the community can only be viewed as an act of outright aggression. This aggression will neither be tolerated nor unanswered. We will not infringe on any personal liberties but refuse to grant you higher priveledge than any other.

If you mean war, let it begin here.


Copulatory Imprecations (if applicable),

    Your fellow inhabitants of the land,

          The Egonauts


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