Posted by: jamesotis | August 19, 2008

HitchHikers Aboard!

howl howl gargle gargle howl gargle gargle gargle howl slurrp uuuurgh

Oh, sorry about that, it’ll be last night’s curry. Is this thing on?

This is your editor speaking, so stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention. First of all I see from my robot spies instruments that I have a couple of guests from the Nandreeson community. Hello wherever you are. I just want to make it totally clear that you are always welcome. I worked hard to get where I am today, and I didn’t become captain of a Vogon constructor ship  blogger simply so I could deposit my deepest secrets without drawing a little interest. I have sent out a search party, and as soon that they find you I will put your pixs in the Casting Javelins page. If you’re very lucky I might write you a poem first.

Oh, and you may need a Babel fish to even remotely understand what you have already read. As you may have noted, even my older sister Marge has difficulty with my metaphor smoothies.


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