Posted by: jamesotis | October 21, 2008

Local Economy

One month ago I moved back across the Denver metro area to my home town. It was my usual unplanned, gradual and somewhat harrowing process with a heavy topping of blessings. One of which was my storage unit.

Years ago I decided that I was too much of a pack rat and rented a small storage unit. This made my room passable and my parents very happy. At some point I threw away most of the junk I’d stored there and moved out. Wonderful people. They were great to my parents the last two times they moved and one of the least expensive places in town.

Last month I realized that I would never pack all of my posessions into my rented room. My old neighbors gained a new appreciation for me as I furnished their apartments with my old stuff and I began a frantic search for a storage unit near my new place. Ten phone calls and thirty minutes of web sleuthing later and I was horrified to find that prices have nearly doubled since Y2K. But one website stood out. Online booking, online payment, free truck for six hours and only a few miles from home. *AND* the best rate in town. Exactly what I paid eight years ago. So I called and was pleasantly suprised that it was actually the same facillity, now under the umbrella of a national company. Different name, different proprietors, but the same prices and wonderful service. Shannon Mack and her husband had my unit ready to go. Walk in, sign papers, pay the deposit and done with three genuine smiles. One week later I had a similar experience in borrowing the onsite moving van.

Today I went to move out. One craw-full Cherokee and I was ready to go. When I got to the office Shannon greeted me by name. Impressive, given that she has only seen me 3 times and even those who know me well call me everything from Jason to George. Again, papers ready, just sign here. Huge smiles, profuse thanks for being a loyal and good customer and warm wishes. And I might add a coupon for $50 off any service, good for a year. And did I mention that apart from a $21 move-in fee the first/only month was free? Talk about local economy.

Seriously, this is the best service that I have ever had. They were even willing and eager to work with my memory impairments, no problems what so ever. If you need to store some stuff, MiniU Storage/A Low Cost Self Storage is the place. They even work with UPS deliveries. And don’t forget the online, no plastic reservation.

Not moving to Arvada? There are offices in 10 states. Call ’em.



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