Posted by: jamesotis | January 10, 2009

Up and lively

After a month plus wait my wordpress account is once again usable. Please disregard my previous post re: leaving. Which no longer exists. Sumo ergo thump.

Much has happened. Much hasn’t. I broke my long standing resolution to not make New Ear’s Resolutions. The question remains, will I remain comitted to these?

  1. Come out fully as bisexual. Including my faith community, but still vacilating with regards to telling my parents, Lillith and my various relative relatives that are somehow more family to me than not.
  2. Stop emailing and blogging while under the influence. Too many posts get deleted the next day, or I can’t find the new account and more importantly emails can’t be recalled.

I made more, but they too were under the influence of several drinks and sleep deprivation. The moral of the story is that I really shouldn’t drink unless sedated by television.

As for those that I remember: WP’s new format will help greatly with #2. And as for the first, it will probably happen one way or another. For all the recent growth in Denver’s western suburbs the towns and cities therein still reflect a small community atmosphere. I see people daily that I know from completly dead aspects of my life and everyone seems to have at least a casual aquaintence with most everyone else. My possibly former churchies are likely to find out soon, I’d give it 6 months unassisted. As for my family, well, there’s a complicated neurological term that describes a general lack of ability to be deceptive. If I think it, it comes out in some manner verbal or otherwise. All the result of my wonderful life changing brain injury. Give me a little public interaction and a guy’s likely to turn my head sooner or later. My Dad will likely be accepting, Mom less so. Perhaps her reaction’s not a worry given her history of dissociative amnesia with emotionally unpallatable events. 🙂



  1. I get *a litte* behind in my reader and THIS is what I get?!

    Seriously though I’m snickering b/c it was right about the time of this post that I made a comment to Homer something to the effect of “I wonder how long it will be until he comes out”.

    Personal recommendation w/Mom & Dad? Don’t. At least wait until if/when you have some amazing hot guy to introduce. Do I have t tell you not to go there with A&R? Surely you know better.

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