Posted by: jamesotis | February 3, 2009

Of Midlife Midwives

Another year. Another sexual health check up.
This time by a *midwife*. Yes, you heard me. For reasons unstated this woman for women  needed to add “male clinical experience” to her curriculum vitae. So on went the visit.
Apparently I throw off the bell curve. Most of the population sticks to one gender and gets it on frequently. I don’t descriminate and yet am highly selective. Ditto 4 the alchohol/tobacco/firearms/drug use survey. Yes, some of us actually follow medical advice. 

Mostly. Keep my infected toe and it’s epsom salts out of this.

In the end it’s somewhat amusing. The experienced clinician was nervous. The student was confident and calm, albeit confused that I had drops of liquid in my glans after the urine sample was collected. Ah, shades of Echo Heron’s ob/gyn clinicals…


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