Posted by: jamesotis | March 3, 2009

JamesOtis is dead

Alright, it was my irl name. Right town, wrong age and surviving family, but still enough to concern an elderly friend/customer. Thankfully I walked into the office at the very instant he called. Those who know me irl can look it up in the Denver Post Obits.

The strange part is that it made my day. Not just because Al called to check up on me or because I have new material for my dark sense of humor. The experience made my day. Now don’t get me wrong, I deeply sympathize with the family and friends of the deceased. I also regret that I didn’t have an opportunity to meet one of my many stunt doubles, as I call anyone of the same name, age and origin. Yet I’m not only amused, but my spirits are lifted. Even days after crying at my own brother’s grave and relating how I’d acheived a long term goal, one created by his very death.

I’ll admit that I’m somewhat jaded when it comes to death. (Funerals cheer me up whereas weddings typically depress me. Screwy, eh?) I’m even a little callous. But I find my reaction a little shocking.


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