Posted by: jamesotis | March 26, 2009

Disembowelment and miracle cures

I have no idea what caused it. Salmonella presumably. I originally thought it was the raw egg milkshake on Sunday but since Amazing Grace has it too it may be the cookies that our class shared or the meat from her father & daughter’s birthday parties this weekend. If so, note to self: Do not buy meat from the back of a car as her friend Barry did (poor gringo), or at least cook it more than just a light session on the grill.

Last night I came home after a long day’s job hunting and felt as if the Broncos had used my head and stomach for kicking practice and the rest of me flogged all the while. Seriously, I havn’t felt that bad since my arm surgery, only this was all over. Thinking that my symptoms were the result of a week of drinking too much wine and not enough water I quickly downed 2 litres/quarts of water, some vitamins and excedrin, plus a batch of MEM.
MEM is Miracle Electrolyte Mix.
1 pint water, 2 packets EmergenC, 1 packet Gatorade powder (match flavor wi/ the EmergenC) and half a teaspoon salt.
It tastes a little strong but within 40 minutes I was feeling only a little run down as if from a hard workout.

Also notable is that having the runs can deplete the body of sodium. Drinking an isotonic salt solution (0.09% sodium) is supposed to fix this per my copy of Tabor’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary. It tastes yellow but I must admit I feel better for it. I hope that said tome is right in predicting an end to the green apple two step in about 4 days.



  1. Yellow. thought Aurthur

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