Posted by: jamesotis | April 24, 2009

Grow Up

I just finished reading an article in the Guardian (no link, if u want there’s google) on so called “corrective rape” of lesbians in South Africa.

It’s worth noting that I’m very much in favor of equal rights for minorities and especially gay rights given that I’m bi. However it seems that if one idiot attacks someone and claims it to be about their minority status suddenly every attack on anyone else of that minority is suddenly a hate crime. Presses are made for new legislation and torches are burned.

You stupid fucking idiots! Use the intelligence that you were born with (I’m sure it’s still sitting in your attic somewhere). A crime, no matter why it’s committed or how heinous it is, is still a crime. Stop letting highly reactive chemicals rule your synapses!

Let me spell this out. In many places one can still get charged with manslaughter for defending one’s home, person and/or loved ones against life/limb threatening violence by using lethal force. Never mind that the deceased was an angel dust freak looking to get high or just had, he is still considered a human being who shouldn’t be harmed. And until the police can monitor everything you should expect him to politely accept your request to stop beating holes in your front door and not use the 12 guage on him. (Sorry, that’s a different soap box altogether.) So according to logic as I know and use it that means that if someone gets raped, repeatedly stabbed and tortured it means that the persons responsible go down for some serious time.

You want to stop such attacks? Let’s look @ history. The Jewish nation were slaves. The enslaving nation let a corrupt hater into power and the bastard decided that he couldn’t stand a little minority opposition. So he conned the king into issueing an irreversible decree ordering all the Jewish slaves to be slaughtered on a certain day. This happened to include the king’s favourite wife. So the king, knowing that he couldn’t reverse the law, made a new one: he allowed the Jews to defend themselves. Guess what? No massacre, and now that day is a major cultural holiday.

So if you have a problem with people chosing to comit horrible atrocities and coming up with bullshit to auto-justify their actions let’s remember what made nearly every free nation on the planet today: forceful resistance. I’m not preaching “an eye for an eye” here. I’m quoting my national heroes: “Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war let it begin here” (Capt. Jonas Parker, Battle for Lexington). Again, I’m not promoting castrating rapists or burning the next KKK member you encounter. I am however strongly encouraging responsible, educated self-armament, with knowledge if nothing else. Arm yourself with the will to fight back, not just talk back. If you’re mugged give as good as you get. If the mean to kill you take ’em with. A friend is fond of saying that an armed society is a polite society. Bullshit. Brig.Gen. Francis Marion of American Revolutionary fame converted saws into sabres because his soldiers couldn’t get so much as a blunderbuss. And won, I might add, against a well equipped foe that had been trained to check their I.Q.s at the door.

So a firearm may well be irresponsible defense in a densely populated area. Watch the Bourne series. Magazines, books, towels and pens become lethal weapons when used accordingly. Get some training for that weapon that only surgery can take from you: your body. Most important of all, sharpen your finest weapon: your mind. Learn to fight back mentally, to rise to the challenge and not shrink away. Pray to Odin if you need to. But for fuck’s sake don’t just expect the playground police to come keep the bullies from hitting you.

Waiting for someone to come save you or legislate away evil is akin to leaving your valuables on the front porch each night to ward off burglaries.

Whatever you’ve got, grow ’em. And stop putting a target on my back just because misery loves company will ya? If you want comrades pick up your arms.


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