Posted by: jamesotis | May 8, 2009

Headaches and other minutiae

Today I went and passed my EMT practical exam on my first try, some 12 months after I finished my class. I was a little nervous. Mostly that I would sleep in and therefore awoke promptly @ 0345, a good three hours early. Other than that I got to hang with a class of 20-very-odd funny and beautiful people. The jokes put crass to shame and I kick myself for not getting any phone  numbers.

And after the fun is over comes the crash I’ve been expecting ever since I signed up for the  test. I pushed my brain to near perfection for 3 weeks. I succeeded. I focused so intently on my memorization that I neglected little things like my laundry and where are my lifeguard shorts. But it was worth it. Not so sure about having to drink to shut up my mind @ night. Enjoyable, but not very healthy.

And now I’m feeling it. The waves of pain in between my cranial bones, the seconds long bouts of severe depression. It’s worth noting that my methods of memorization consist of parahypnotic trances and rhythmic meditation. When one thinks of meditation serenety and calm come to mind, a trip to that peaceful place. The meditations that I use are to serenity and inner peace what methamphetamine is to morphine. After I finish one I literally act like I’m stoked for 30 minutes or so. But in the end I come down and am O.K.

One must wonder, however, what effect this neural storm has on my brain and if it is really healthy to practice. I may not take in toxic chemicals but what exactly am I producing within my own cells?


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