Posted by: jamesotis | May 22, 2009

Honor your own verdamt “C”

So the terrorist sensationalist media that brought us the nationwide trauma and paranoia of 9/11/01 are at it again. This time it’s drawing the conclusion that since 4 or so homicidal idiots listened to a certain band that therefore the music influenced/inspired their acts of senseless violence.

Remember the panic about backmasking? The theory that Black Sabbath and other rock/metal bands were recording satanic and violent subliminal messages backwards in the background of certain songs. A theory since scientifically debunked and generally considered an embarrassing subject for anyone who got on that particular bandwagon. And then we have the still rampant trench coat paranoia following the Columbine Atrocity. Yes, I’m sure that everyone who wears one has a samurai sword down the back, knives in their boots, assasin spikes up their sleeves and a full auto AK74 at their side. (jamesotis rolls his eyes) Perhaps some of them have silver spikes and kill vampires like the Daywalker. I suppose that you also believe that all hunters are in the activity to kill for pleasure, waste their prey’s meat and camp irresponsibly. If so you insult my Native American heritage, pastime and lifestyle. And you dare be horrified when I eat or use the entire animal’s body as a measure of respect for it’s life sacrifice, *(name deleted)* you miserable rat/sheep halfbreed! (Sorry, had to get that out)

If you’re not familiar with Alexander Solzenitsen’s (sp?) Rabbit principle, read up on it in his wonderfully depressing and highly educational book, The Gulag Archipelago (sp?). I take the author’s sentiment and theory one step further: the one thing worse than rabbits is a herd of rabbits. To quote Tommy Lee Jones on a similar subject, “People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” ‘Nough said. I’ll now stop chasing Solzenitsen’s Rabbits with Ocam’s Razor, as my mother is fond of calling my soapbox sermons.

Whatever you, I or anyone else does it remains that person’s choice. No one is capable of taking that choice away. In case you missed it, that’s one of the best points to the movie BraveHeart. It’s what created the United States. I will go so far as to opine that not only is it impossible to attempt to remove that choice from one’s self or any other human but that to attempt to do so is a sin against humanity and whatever being gave rise to our existance. It is theft in it’s barest form. Regardless of the consequences, circumstances, whether potiential, possible, probable or real, the decision/election/choice belongs to the one who makes it. This is the freedom, the liberty of which the American founding fathers spoke in this country’s founding documents: “…life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.” Talk about god-given and inalienable.

I don’t know the first thing about the band Insane Clown Possey. If indeed accurate (and given the media’s history I reserve judgement on that count) the images shown on tonight’s news were scary. But wait, they look familiar. Change the background, language and it might well be a PBS documentary on Dia De Los Muertos. A positive cultural happening that we are supposed to embrace and perhaps even emulate.

*Note: While JamesOtis has not authenticated the veracity of the following claim, his friend and death metal affincianado Jonesey (a psudonym) asserts that ISK didn’t hit the music scene until approximately 3 years *after* the Columbine Massacre. Can anyone verify this?


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