Posted by: jamesotis | May 27, 2009

Shaved, Um, Poochie

With new roommate comes new critters. In this case, a boxer/mastif cross (Juno), a triple-wide jack russel (Kipper) and a pekinese (sp?), Teddy. All of whom were abused terribly and are now spoiled to no end. Seriously, I don’t eat that much for my body weight and certainly not as well. (Roomie’s a former chef.) Hence the triple-wide Kipper and distinctly pudgy Juno. About the only skinny one is Teddy, and I never would have guessed.

Until last night. When I got tired of the stink (Peke’s tend to look and smell like sheep if not groomed frequently) and shaved his ass. With Patsy’s permission, but never the less it was a shock for all of us. Teddy has a rat tail, is decently skinny and determinedly ugly under that felted pelt. I left a lion’s mane and boots but he is otherwise bald. And even today I have a difficult time looking at the beast.

Pictures forthcoming.


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