Pronounced *Bi Cycle* and please read entries from the bottom (of the page) up.

JamesOtis is bisexual. He will probably delete this page in the morning. And it is probably nobody’s business (I’d like 2 meet Nobody, cousin to the Time Being).

*AND FURTHER-more!…*


So far only one person @ work knows. The Extra-Terrestrial is very accepting, a bit of a gossip but usually knows when to hold her tongue. In any case, I may not have the guts to be open about it myself but I’m sure as taxes tired of hiding and lying about who I am. That’s how ET found out. An odd look on my face when a certain cute guy’s name came up, a dismissive comment from me and a direct question from ET. I thought about changing the subject, lying, deceiving and decided to just be myself. She didn’t seem to care much but found it amusing. I felt oddly at peace about it. One less lie to keep up. Where does one purchase an emotional equivalent to Viagra? You know, that special tablet/creme that you use when you want to bolster your confidence and/or credibility? Let’s call it Lyagra.


I’ve no idea why I am what I am. Every few weeks my body starts craving certain foods, getting oversexed and ultimately I end up looking @ my fellow males. Presumeably it’s biological, what with being so cyclical. Nothing seems to change it, apart from eating the foods craved, and let’s face it, I can only eat so much bone marrow. Even though I love it, and it makes the *best*curry*ever*.

And to confuse anyone reading, I only go for women. But why, when I have the best of both worlds? Let’s face it, I don’t. I am only attracted to guys for a few days out of every month or two. And for someone who wants a committed relationship that just won’t cut it. As Ellen DeGeneres put it in her 60 minutes interview with Diane Sawyer, I don’t think that anyone in their right mind would choose to be this way in our society.

I remember fondly when I came out to my present girlfriend,Loir. Her response was amazingly touching, open and a little comical. My sister Marge and I can talk about anything. And my present landlord/manager/friend is an extremely open woman, willing to accept in return for acceptance. Other than that? My best friend swerved across 2 lanes of traffic. I dare not breathe a word at my church, even given my personal choices regarding how I express my attractions (hole up with a good book, mechanical project or curry). On the job? At MC Hammered non-heteros are accepted but take some rather strong kidding on a frequent basis. Nandreeson Memorial is much more open and accepting. A little too much. One must act according to stereotypes or not be accepted, much as in the BDSM community – gay, straight, top, bottom. There’s nothing like running from the conservatives in fear of shunning and rejection only to find the same and occasionally worse from liberals.


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